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Don't go to Georgia – Travel film by Tolt #10

One advice: don’t go on a trip to Georgia. Please watch this video until the end to be sure to understand.

Georgia travel guide ► https://toltips.com/travel-georgia-practical-guide/
To learn more about the gear I use ► https://toltips.com/good-cheap-gear-for-travel-videos/
Filmmaking tips and tutorials ► http://goo.gl/9m6UYr
My computer ► https://toltips.com/pc-configuration-for-hd-video-editing/

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– on facebook.com/GlobeTolter
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– on Snapchat @traveltolt
– on twitter.com/Toltprod

Music by the very talented DIMMI
Shot, directed and edited by Tolt

A big thank you to the Georgian National Tourism Administration and
Liligo.com for their support.

The reasons why you should (not) go to Georgia:
– Georgian landscapes are (all the same)
– Georgian panoramas are (ordinary)
– Georgian monuments are (not) photogenic
– Georgia has (no) history
– Georgia is (not) for outdoor lovers
– Georgian churches are (hideous)
– Georgia has (no) gastronomy
– Georgian traditions are (not) fun
– Georgia has (no) modern cities

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