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Why Air Travel Is So Cheap

Airfares are close to their lowest prices ever, with a roundtrip ticket from New York to London costing $350, almost a tenth of the price it would have been in the 1970s. Since fares and routes are no longer regulated by the government, fierce competition has led airlines to generate new revenue streams, which often inflate the base fares greatly. …

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New restrictions on U.S. travel to Cuba

The Trump administration is imposing new restrictions on U.S. travel to Cuba. The Treasury Department says Americans will no longer be allowed to travel to Cuba by cruise ships, private air, and group educational and culture trips known as “people to people” travel. CBS News state department reporter Christina Ruffini joined CBSN from Washington with more. Subscribe to the CBS …

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13 Secrets About Air Travel All Passengers Should Know

13 secrets about air travel all passengers should know. Like most things in life, travel requires experience. With each trip you embark on, you will start to get more comfortable and familiar with the means of travel, and it all begins from your planning, until the time you board your plane at the airport, where your journey all begins. But …

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