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Testing TRAVEL HACKS at the Airport!

Sometimes life hacks are useful…sometimes, not so much. On our way to Cabo, we decided to test the internet’s WEIRDEST traveling hacks & tips for luggage, airports, and airplanes – from packing like a pro to faking pregnancy for better seats! Are these dumb travel hacks and gadgets totally useful & good to know, or a total fail?? Find out …

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33 Little-Known Airport Facts to Travel Easier

If you travel by plane quite a lot, dozens of questions can be accumulated in your brain. For example, what are the best shoes to wear at the airport security screening to not be asked to take them off? Or are those scanners you have to go through harmful to your health? Or how long the things seized during the …

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Narita Airport to Tokyo – Complete Japan Travel Guide

Here are tips to get to and from Narita Airport. I’ve lived in Japan for almost 15 years now and this advice is based on all my experiences. Hope this video helps. Check out more info at https://www.tokyozebra.com/ //Timelines// 0:12-Intro 0:13-1:07 Overview of transportation options to Narita Airport The options are… -Express Train – Narita Express and Keisei Skyliner -Local …

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