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Can you Hack Your Biological Age? | Ben Greenfield

Want to stay young and live longer? Ben Greenfield at A-Fest Sardinia 2018 shares his tips with you for longevity and how to biohack your body. Enhance your health, fitness and longevity in this FREE Masterclass with Ben 👉 http://go.mindvalley.com/iW9KpqD1 ******** TIMESTAMPS OF THE IMPORTANT LESSONS FROM THIS VIDEO: 01:55 24 Ways To Biohack Longevity 06:17 Balance Neurotransmitter 08:55 Fix …

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Snack Hack: Sweet n' Salty Plantains

Plantains are delicious roided out bananas that you’re probably not cooking enough with – think a starchier banana! They’re the perfect snack or addition to so many dishes. I love making them two different ways: as salty chips or sweet (and salty) fried dreams. To make the chips, however, I had to face my archnemesis: the mandoline. Warning: the mandoline …

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